Bride Surprises Blind Groom by Wearing a Special Tactile Wedding Dress: ‘My mind was blown’

Bride Surprises Blind Groom by Wearing a Special Tactile Wedding Dress: ‘My mind was blown’

Weddings are by their nature, inherently touching, but for one recent bride and groom, the ceremony was not only touching but tactile as well.

When Kelly Anne and Anthony Ferraro decided to tie the knot, Kelly wanted to make the day extra special for her soon-to-be husband. Since Anthony is blind, she knew he wouldn’t get to view her in her wedding finery, but nonetheless, she was determined to make sure he got to “see” her by on their big day.

He’d simply have to use his other senses.

Combining a variety of fabrics, the custom-made, one-of-a-kind gown Kelly came up with for her walk down the aisle was taken more from pages of a book by Louis Braille than as a nod to the designer fare of traditional bridal magazines.

Kelly’s dress told a romantic tale in texture—one that was meant for her true love alone to read.

“She’s like, ‘Well you can’t see me, so I’ve got to wear something that feels nice,’” Anthony told CBS News. “No one’s ever thought to do that—ever.”

Kelly’s eloquent nuptial frock wasn’t without precedent. For their first date, she purposely chose to wear a velvet dress so Anthony would be able to feel its softness.

She recalls her sister teased her over her wardrobe selection at the time, but Kelly refused to give in because she thought Anthony might appreciate the gesture. He did. So much so in fact, that the example served as inspiration for her multi-textured wedding gown.

When the couple met at the altar, a jubilant Kelly urged Anthony to feel her dress. “My mind was blown. I started crying,” he told CBS. “It was just like I was able to see Kelly. That was the best part… when I was feeling the dress, I was creating this image of an angel in my brain. It was just so beautiful.”

Anthony credits Kelly with the kind of empathy that’s all too rare in the world. He says being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is admirable, but having the ability not only to understand that each of us is unique but also to be willing to take the extra step that’s sometimes needed to make others feel included, appreciated—and loved—is a true gift.

For Anthony, having found that quality of compassion in Kelly is more than just a wedding present—it’s a blessing that will last a lifetime.